“A Sweet Solution”, primary focus lies in the manufacturing, distribution and initiating a platform for low-sugar/ low-calorie food & drink products with their low glycemic sugar.


We raised SuCaLess’s online sales revenue by 312% from Q1 to Q4, followed by 84% e-commerce traffic.
“A Serious is helping us expand our digital presence and engage with our target audience effectively. They expertise in social media marketing and content creation has resulted in higher brand visibility and customer engagement. Absoltely stunning performance from them!”

Mr Gan

Chief Executive Officer, SuCaLess

Issue Facing

Here are some of the key challenges they were encountered before:

With the rise of artificial sweeteners and natural sugar substitutes, manufacturers of sugar-based products face competition from healthier and low-calorie options from market.

With numerous players in the sugar food and beverage industry, it’s crucial for manufacturers to establish a unique brand identity and differentiate themselves from the competition. This can be challenging when many products in the market offer similar taste profiles and functionalities.

Consumer awareness about the negative effects of excessive sugar consumption, pose a challenge for manufacturers of sugar-based food and beverages as consumers may be more inclined to choose healthier alternatives.


A Serious Marketing helps SuCaLess define and refine its brand identity, positioning, and messaging. We conduct market research, competitor analysis, and audience segmentation to develop a strategic framework that aligns with the client’s goals and resonates with their target audience. This involves creating a unique value proposition, brand guidelines, and messaging strategies to effectively communicate the brand’s essence and differentiate it from competitors.

Brand Strategy

Social Media Content Creation

Social Media Ads (Awareness)

Lead Generation (Sales)

Video Marketing

Creative Material

Visually appealing and engaging content designed. Aim to convey key messages, evoke emotions, and drive customer engagement.

Social Media Graphics

Sales Campaign